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The Bear Lake Ultra (BLU) was created by Race Director Rob Lykins.  Rob designed BLU after his favorite race “One Epic Run” in Spartanburg, S.C.  From day one Rob's family has been highly involved in BLU kicking off the "family Feel" of the race. 


Rob's Mom Gari AKA "Mom" has spent countless hours sewing custom gifts for the runners, packing the "Pilot Packs" for each runner and over sees packet pick up the the aid station during the race.


Some of Robs goals when developing BLU were (and still are):

  • Offer a high-quality race with a low registration price.

  • Give the racers more than just a place to run (!SWAG!)

  • Have the best aid station.

  • Create a “family” atmosphere.

  • Make the race personalized to each runner.

  • Offer a race that all levels of runners can attend.

  • Help a non-profit via the race.

Every year we try to improve on the past  and add more to the race, aid station, and atmosphere striving to give the runners the best race money can buy and helping them achieve their goals.  The race has had many runners attend and double their previous distance personal records. 


Over the past 5 years the race has covered over 17,000 miles and has raised over $28,000 for Lions Bear Lake Blind Camp. 

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