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Lions Bear Lake Blind Camp

Lions Bear Lake Camp is owned and operated by Lions Visually Impaired Youth Camp, Inc.

It is a 501C-3 Non Profit Corporation. 

The camp opened its doors in July, 2000, starting with only 53 campers the first year,

To date Bear Lake has since been able to service more than 10,000 campers and visitors.


The camp is financially supported by the Lions, Lioness and Leos,

as well as Foundation grants and individual donors throughout Michigan.

Lions Bear Lake Camp’s Mission

Is to develop leadership skills, build confidence, and to provide a premier outdoor educational and

recreational experiences year-round to all persons, regardless of ability.



The Camps Intentions

That every camper has fun.


That every camper feels safe and supported to explore new activities and adventures.


That every camper gain insight and confidence in to oneself.


That every camper become a more independent self-confident person.


That every camper gain exposure to outdoor skills in an independent way.


That every camper make lifelong friends within a community that is supportive and nurturing.

Please visit the Camps website at: 

Lions Bear Lake Blind Camp is located at:

3409 N Five Lakes Road  Lapeer, MI 48446

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